Disgust and Pity.

Three weeks went by before you texted me as if everything was normal. I wasn’t going to reply because honestly fuck you. But your sister begs me to speak to you because you’re going through things.

And I do and you blew up on me and told me to leave you alone so I do. During those three weeks and the month that followed after our argument, I knew I was pregnant. Your sister knew, your mother knew but I couldn’t tell you because I was scared. And unfortunately on week seven I lose my baby.

I inform your sister and she threatens to tell you if I don’t. I wasn’t ready to tell you at all, it was my pain to go through. You didn’t give a shit about me so why would you need to know?

I’m an idiot because now I see you for who you truly are. You sister has been telling me you’re down about our argument and that you want us to be friends. You even tell your mother that you’re sorry and you hope we can fix our friendship. And that’s when I decide to tell you about my baby.

But before I can say a thing you tell me to go away. I tell you anyway because if anyone should be told to go away it should be you. The secrets out and your response is pathetic. A sad face. Three days later you call me and ask me what I’m doing. Like really? Are you that stupid?

I ask you why you’re calling me? You hang up and we argue and YOU have the audacity to tell me you’re not sorry because I’m not all innocent and I could continue making you the bad guy. First of all you should know that I was grieving over the baby I lost not about our broken relationship. 

The only mistake I made was falling in love with you. But you? I feel so sorry for because you will end up alone or maybe in an empty relationship while I will be with someone who loves me for me. I just wish the baby would of survived because I could of done it without you.

I’m disgusted with you as a person because you laugh at my pain and I pity you because you’re a miserable person who doesn’t love yourself. I will get through this and I hope to never see you again because if I do..your face won’t be so pretty anymore.

Best of luck to you.


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