The truth hurts..

The truth hurts… I never fully understood the phase until just a couple of seconds ago. Though I don’t know the truth of the situation, I know the two possible answers will hurt me either way. For months I’ve wanted the answer to the same question that could only be answered by you. The same question that seems to be on my mind on a constant day to day basis. Did you ever love me? Like really love me?

If you were to say you did love me even just a little bit then I know at some point you fell out of love with me because the way it ended and the words that were said could only be said by someone who truly didn’t care. 

If you say that you in fact didn’t love me and that it was a game all along then I know I was stupid. Undeniably stupid..pathetic even. Because I not only came back to you once, twice or even three times. I came back four times. What girl would give her heart and the gift of being her first to a guy who pretends to forget her name? But maybe that says a lot more about me than it does you…


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