Month: February 2017

No boundaries

 The tv flickers in the background, the light illuminates her beautiful tan skin. The situation was inevitable and all it took was a couple of drinks and a game of truth. This was pure curiosity, something new and exciting for the both of them. No harm done. Or at least that’s what she kept telling herself. Closing the remaining distance between them, the shy girl presses her lips softly against her best friend. The way her friends body presses back against hers, she knows there’s no turning back.  They kiss for what seems like hours but it was merely minutes. The girls body smooth as silk beneath her fingertips, quivers under her touch. Her hands roam from the beauty’s supple breasts to the curve of her ass. Her hands couldn’t get enough of her, she eventually places them on her hips. She peppers her neck in kisses slowing descending towards her breast. She takes a pert nipple into her mouth and gently sucks, earning a small gasp. The best friend begins slowly to grind onto her thigh, the bed shifts with the movement. Her excitement peaks and she kisses her way to her other breast, licking around her nipple before taking it into her mouth. “Please..” her friend asks grinding a bit faster and she knew that the friction wasn’t enough. They meet for another kiss before her hand disappears into her panties. She runs her hand along her slippery and hot pussy, the best friends lets out a shuddering breath. She pulls back, meeting her best friends gaze as she tugs at her panties, sliding them down her legs and tosses them aside. Her best friend parts her legs in anticipation. She places a soft kiss on her stomach before locking her arms around her thighs and placing another soft kiss on her slit. She takes a tentative lick, her inexperience finally catching up to her. The tv’s light brightly flickers which allows her to see her best friends flushed face, her lips were parted and her eyes closed. She needed to make this good and she was determined to try her best. She remembers reading somewhere that the clit was the key. She dips her tongue to taste her sweetness before coming back up to her clit. Alternating between sucking and licking it, she moans into her pussy. Her best friend grasps the back of her head, fingers tangling into her hair. Whimpers and quiet moans leave her mouth, her back arches against the bed. Her mouth gets a bit tired and her strokes slow down before picking up again and slowing down. Her friend grabs her hand and whispers shyly, ” You could use your fingers too if you want to..”  
Inserting her index finger into her soft wet pussy, she circles her tongue around her clit as her finger curves into a come hither motion. She allows her best friend to fuck her face, moaning taking everything she has to offer. Her movements are frantic, the grip on her hair now almost painful but the sounds she made against her tongue and the way her body shook egged her on. She knew the end was near and she savored the taste of her. Her best friend let on a muffled groan, her body shaking before stilling. She gives one last lick before pulling away and wiping the back of her mouth. 
“Here.” She says as she hands her best friend her panties, settling under the covers. “Thanks.” She replies still out of breath and quickly pulls them on and gets up to use the bathroom. “Be right back.” Her heart is racing because now what, she didn’t think this far out. Just be normal she finally decides. When her best friend enters the room, she lays down next to her and un-mutes the tv. They stare at the screen in awkward silence before she hears her friend ask, “So.. how was it?” But her face still faced towards the screen, perhaps in embarrassment or regret. She suddenly felt small, what did she expect? She had a boyfriend, what made her think nothing would change? “It.. it was different. Not in a bad way but different than a boy.” She finally replies. Her friend gives a nod of acknowledgement but offers nothing else. Minutes tick by with neither of them trying to start up a conversation instead they opted to watch the paid advertisements in silence.